Lee named to top HPCwire list

Facilities Director of the KAUST Research Computing Core Labs ​Jysoo Lee. File photo.

​Jysoo Lee, the facilities director of the KAUST Research Computing Core Labs, has been named one of HPCwire's "People to Watch 2018."

Before coming to KAUST, Lee served as the director of the supercomputing center at Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information. He also served as the founding director general of the National Institute of Supercomputing and Networking in Korea.

"Jysoo has brought a wealth of expertise and creative energy to our supercomputing research efforts," Justin L. Mynar, associate vice president for research and executive director of the KAUST Core Labs, said. "His work on outreach, particularly in the kingdom, has had an immediate and positive impact."

Under Lee's leadership, the KAUST Research Computing Core Lab has broken two world records in partnership with Saudi Aramco—the world's first trillion-cell reservoir simulation and the largest scale simulation of the engineering code. Lee has also led numerous national initiatives within his home country, such as National Energy Grid of South Korea and the Korean National e-Science Project.

"KAUST has assembled an outstanding team of experts, especially in the area of computational science. And the University has been able to attract world-class support staff with deep expertise in scientific computing," Lee said.

"With the country advancing within the Saudi Vision 2030, I can only see more opportunities [for the Core Labs]. It is an exciting time to be here in Saudi Arabia," Lee said.

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