King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Announces its 2023 SDG Highlight Report

KAUST proudly presents their latest SDG Highlight Report, offering a snapshot of the institution's targeted efforts and successes over 2023 in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The new highlights illustrate KAUST’s dedication to broad sustainability goals, featuring updates of key projects like the KAUST Coral Restoration Initiative and innovative climate action technologies such as ClimateCrete. The report also celebrates the release of KAUST's new Sustainability Policy and the hosting of the Global Sustainability Development Conference, underscoring significant strides in both operational and engagement arenas. 

"Our commitment to the SDGs is reflected not only in our research and innovations but also in how we operate and engage with the global community," said Dr. Tony F. Chan, President of KAUST. "This report captures the essence of our efforts to integrate sustainability deeply into the fabric of our university, impacting both our immediate environment and the wider world." 

The report presents KAUST’s “Accelerating Impact” strategy from a sustainability perspective. It highlights the University’s strategic commitment to aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) priorities and Vision 2030 — frameworks deeply ingrained with sustainability principles. The new strategy ensures that KAUST’s scientific research and educational endeavors contribute effectively to sustainable development. Dr. Ana Margarida Costa, Professor of Practice and Head of Sustainability at KAUST, added, "This publication not only celebrates our progress but also sets the stage for future initiatives. It is a beacon, guiding our continuous journey towards a sustainable future, driven by innovation and strategic partnerships." 

The full 2023 SDG Highlight Report is available here