KAUST signs agreement with Aviation Investigation Bureau

AIB Director General Abdulelah O. Felemban (left) and KAUST Director of the Core Labs Justin Mynar finish signing an agreement on the University's campus. By Nicholas Demille.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology signed an agreement Tuesday, April 26, 2016 to allow the Aviation Investigation Bureau (AIB) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to use its advanced facilities and research expertise in the event of aviation incidents.

The mission of AIB, an independent government organization, is to advance safety and conduct independent investigations into aviation incidents in the Kingdom. AIB reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), H.E. Sulaiman Al-Hamdan. The agreement decreases dependence on international resources while utilizing expertise and facilities within the Kingdom.

“The core laboratories and advanced facilities at KAUST are well equipped to support AIB in their aircraft accident and incident investigations. Our state-of-the-art laboratories were established with the needs of Saudi Arabia in mind and this collaboration with AIB reinforces our commitment to make our laboratories accessible to our in-Kingdom partners to serve national priorities,” said Justin Mynar, KAUST Director of Core Laboratories and Major Facilities.

KAUST AIB signing
“AIB investigations are conducted in accordance with international standards and we chose to partner with KAUST for their leading scientific expertise and capabilities to aid in the fact finding and validation of data/theory of accidents and incidents. The data and results from KAUST will provide AIB with valuable information to generate safety recommendations, thus improving civil aviation safety,” said AIB Director General, Abdulelah Felemban.