KAUST runs for Breast Cancer Awareness

Over 425 runners and walkers gathered at KAUST on Saturday, October 28, for the 'Run for a Cure' race, a charity run for breast cancer research. This event marked the end of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and was supported the Zahra Breast Cancer Association.

Participants included KAUST community members and many KAUST partners including the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College of Business & Entrepreneurship (MBSC), King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), Economic Cities and Special Zones Authorities (ECZA), LUCID, and CEER motors. Several runners from the Jeddah Running Club and Hejaz Ultra also joined.

Elisa Grassi, a Ph.D. student and accomplished athlete at KAUST, was a community ambassador for breast cancer at the event. She discussed her research on non-invasive early cancer detection and her results in testing plasma blood samples for breast and colon cancer patients. She emphasized the importance of raising awareness about cancer and encouraging people to take an active role in their health.

The run/walk consisted of three distances: 10K, 5K and a 3K through KAUST on the shores of the Red Sea. The route also took runners over a roadway created from plastic waste collected as part of the Green Road Initiative, an innovative project in collaboration with Dow Chemical Co.'s ELVALOY™ polymer technology, Napco National, Averda, and AlJazeera Paint that reflects KAUST's commitment to Saudi Arabia's sustainable circular carbon economy.

Inside the race village, the International Medical Center (IMC) conducted on-site BMI testing and providing information on the importance of early detection, screening and overall health and well-being.

More than 25 volunteers from the KAUST community assisted with organizing runners' packs, leading runners, and providing support to make the event successful on race day.

The event aligns with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 goal of increasing public participation in sports and athletic activities and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal of promoting good health and well-being.