KAUST hosts future faculty convention

Najah Ashry, KAUST vice president of Saudi Initiatives, speaks to visitors from Saudi private and public universities during the University's Future Faculty Program.​


Saudi Initiatives recently organized a special two-day gathering as part of its Future Faculty Program for Saudi Universities. The event welcomed delegations from approximately 20 Saudi public and private universities and over 160 guests to focus on efforts led by KAUST in supporting the development of strong future faculty members for national universities.

While many of the institutions and individuals who attended the event have relationships or collaborations with KAUST, it was the first time for peers and colleagues to gather in one place to discuss their impact in national higher education by cultivating the next generation of Saudi faculty and institutional leaders.

Guests included vice presidents, deans, department chairs, faculty members and prospective KAUST students who are currently on track to becoming faculty members. All had the opportunity to experience life at KAUST through lectures, academic and research showcases, facility tours and meetings with the University’s senior and academic leadership.

Jean Frechet, KAUST vice president for research, speaks to visitors from Saudi private and public universities during the University's Future Faculty Program. ​

KAUST President Jean-Lou Chameau​ emphasized the importance of the event for the University and the Kingdom, and greeted guests individually and in small groups during a special lunch. Chameau described the University’s diverse community and the supportive academic ecosystem that drives the strategy at KAUST and shapes the University's national and international reputation for excellence.

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, KAUST executive vice president, administration & finance, welcomed guests on the first day and spoke to them about the University’s beginnings and its 1,000-day journey from vision to reality.

There was a significant sense of accomplishment following the event, with broad agreement from all involved that the discussions and sharing of knowledge were invaluable for making progress, strengthening or beginning collaborations and supporting prospective students who wish to pursue advanced degrees to enhance their effectiveness as future faculty in Saudi Arabia.

The Future Faculty Program for Saudi Universities advances the KAUST mission to develop national talent and create future leaders in science and technology. The program supports the development of teaching assistants and lecturers from Saudi Arabian universities as they earn master's and Ph.D. degrees at KAUST before returning to their home universities as highly specialized faculty members.