KAUST has three faculty elevated to IEEE fellows in 2024

KAUST is proud to announce that three of its faculty, Professor Husam Alshareef, Associate Professor Mario Lanza, and Professor Atif Shamim, were included in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) class of 2024.

Professor Alshareef is a founding KAUST faculty and is developing nanoscale materials for electronic and energy storage devices. Associate Professor Lanza joined KAUST in 2020, bringing a unique approach to CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) technology through his incorporation of 2D materials and innovations in memristive devices. Finally, Professor Shamim, who joined KAUST in 2009, is working on wireless communications, sensors, and wearable electronics.

The IEEE describes itself as the world's largest technical professional organization, with over 430,000 members from academia and industry spread over over 190 countries. IEEE distinguishes its fellows as IEEE members who have had extraordinary accomplishments in IEEE fields. A maximum of 0.1% of the IEEE membership is elevated yearly to fellow. The class of 2024 includes 323 members, with the three KAUST representatives being the only ones from Saudi Arabia and among the five total members from institutes in Arab nations.  

The three scientists were honored for their work on nanoscale materials for device applications and their deployment in volume production, antenna-on-chip and antenna-in-package, and on nanoelectronics metrology of ultra-scaled materials and devices, respectively.

"This is another great achievement by our faculty. Peer recognitions like these reaffirm how our scientists are at the forefront of their scientific fields and how KAUST is leading the way in innovation and science," said KAUST Vice President of Research Pierre Magistretti.