KAUST and Boeing renew MRA

(left to right) Ahmed Jazzar, Bill Lyons, Jean M.J. Fréchet, William Roberts and Tristan Walker meet to renew the Master Research Agreement, September 1, 2016. By Ginger Lisanti.


KAUST and Boeing came together on the University's campus Thursday, September 1, 2016 to renew their Master Research Agreement (MRA). The renewal marks a significant milestone for Boeing and KAUST as they seek to boost collaborative research on next-generation aerospace technologies.

“KAUST is an important strategic partner to Boeing, and our goal is to facilitate both local and international industrial collaborations while working with the professional and research community,” said Ahmed Jazzar, president of Boeing, Saudi Arabia. “Boeing’s partnership with KAUST is aimed at undertaking cutting-edge research and to support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to establish knowledge-based programs aligned with its vision and objectives.”

“As a founding member of the KAUST Industry Collaboration Program (KICP), Boeing has partnered with KAUST on a number of projects since 2009 that have helped establish advanced research laboratories and robust faculty-industry initiatives," said Jean M.J. Fréchet​, KAUST vice president for research. "We look forward to strengthening our joint commitment to the growth and innovation of aerospace research within Saudi Arabia."

Senior representatives from KAUST and Boeing renewed their Master Research Agreement (MRA) on September 1, marking a significant milestone for both organizations as they seek to boost collaborative research on next-generation aerospace technologies. By Ginger Lisanti.​

Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T), the company’s central advanced R&D organization located on the KAUST campus, currently collaborates with the University on a number of major research projects in advanced materials, combustion quenching, solar power optimization and industrial water treatment.

“We are active in research, but of course research is only one little step, and development is much more. We would like to collaborate with Boeing as we do with other companies. I hope that in the future we will find much common ground, and it is always a pleasure to have you come here.” said Fréchet.

Boeing technology leaders are currently working with KAUST researchers on purifying manufacturer water and the development of unique mechanisms for the analysis of flame quenching physics.

“We are all proud of our research partnership with KAUST and pleased to continue to deepen our relationship with this new agreement,” said Dr. Bill Lyons, director of Global R&D Strategy for BR&T. “KAUST is a world-class research institution, and together we are working on some of the most important technology challenges facing the aerospace industry and our society this century.”