Dalal Alezi wins inaugural Division Student Award

Dalal Alezi, a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the University's Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division, received the inaugural PSE Division Student Award featuring outstanding Ph.D. candidates. File photo.

Dalal Alezi, a Ph.D. student in the University’s Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division, is the inaugural recipient of the PSE Division Student Award featuring outstanding Ph.D. candidates. Alezi is supervised by Mohamed Eddaoudi, associate director of the University’s Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Research Center and professor of chemical science.

Alezi has recently published two lead author papers in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and she presented her research work at the 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in San Diego, California (U.S.) on March 13 to 17 this year.

"Dalal is an exemplary Ph.D. student who takes the necessary time to comprehend her research projects and critically plan the next set of experiments. She is a critical thinker who sets high standards and she is firmly committed to excellence in research,” noted Eddaoudi.

“As a result of her efforts, it is no surprise to me that in 2015 she published two full papers as a lead author in one of the top chemistry journals—the Journal of the American Chemical Society," he added.

Alezi received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical science from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah. After hearing about KAUST during the University’s inauguration in 2009, it became Alezi’s dream to attend the University as a Ph.D. student. She interviewed with Eddaoudi and, after applying and writing a research plan, was accepted to KAUST.

“I have learned so much here at KAUST,” said Alezi. “In my opinion, KAUST is not just about earning a Ph.D.—your experience here shapes your character. I have gained so much insight into how to look at things—how to address and then solve problems differently. I can see my progress from when I first started here three years ago. I feel my time at KAUST has made a huge difference to me.”