Congratulations to our 2020 Spring Graduates

Congratulations to the 97 students who graduate today, which is KAUST's Spring Graduation!

This group of new graduates includes 24 PhD students, 35 MS/PhD students and 38 MS students. Traditionally, this cohort of 36 Saudi Arabian and 61 international graduating students, is recognized at an informal lunch hosted by Alumni Affairs. However, this year's celebration had to be different.

In a video message embedded in a personalized e-card sent to the Spring Graduates, President Tony F. Chan acknowledged the global impact of COVID-19.

"Your graduation comes during one of the greatest challenges of our time. COVID-19 has impacted the foundations that support our modern way of life.  With this in mind, I applaud those of you who have had to complete your MS degree or PhD at this time."  President Chan also encouraged the University's newest alumni to always think of KAUST as home.

The addition of these new graduates brings the total number of the KAUST alumni community to 1997.  For more information on Alumni Chapters, virtual events, or programs, please contact Alumni Affairs