Boeing opens R&D office at KAUST

Left to right: Mr. Tristan Walker - Vice President, Economic and Technology Development at KAUST, Dr. William Lyons - Director of Global Research & Development Strategy at Boeing, Dr. Jean-Lou Chameau - President of KAUST, and Mrs. Vanessa Gemmell - Director of Environment Technology at Boeing.

KAUST recently hosted the inauguration of a new Boeing Research & Technology office to be located at the University's Research and Technology Park.

KAUST has recently held the official inauguration of a new Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T) office. Located within KAUST's Research and Technology Park, the office will focus on conducting research and development in aerospace technologies. One of KAUST's strategic partners since March 2009, through the KAUST Industry Collaboration Program (KICP), this partnership solidifies an already strong and fruitful collaboration.

Highlighting Boeing's commitment to Saudi Arabia and the region, Ahmed Jazzar, President of Boeing in Saudi Arabia, said: "KAUST is a strategic partner to Boeing, and we as a company are committed to Saudi Arabia's R&D community." Also placing the emphasis on Boeing's long-term commitment to Saudi Arabia, Director of BR&T Global Technology, Bill Lyons, said: "We are honored to be able to partner with King Abdullah University for Science & Technology on this important milestone for our organization."

Boeing has been a major collaborator with KAUST since 2009. Boeing is currently collaborating with KAUST on six major projects in advanced materials, computer modeling, solar power applications and industrial water treatment.

"The opening of a Boeing office at KAUST represents another milestone in our partnership," said KAUST President Jean-Lou Chameau. In fact, the Boeing Research & Technology office represents the company's first research center in a university within the Gulf region (GCC).

Boeing will have the opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise from KAUST's faculty, researchers, postdocs, and students in an environment that promotes excellence and big ideas. In addition, Boeing can benefit from the interaction with other industry partners located on campus.