Biweekly Research Update

Professor Jesper Tegnér worked with researchers in the U.K. to create algorithms that define how decisions are made for the behavioral patterns of insects and rats.

The laboratory of Associate Professor Robert Hoehndorf has introduced a new computational tool to identify genetic variants associated with rare diseases based on patient symptoms.

Assistant Professor Mariusz Jaremko and his group worked with the KAUST Core Labs to advance the application of NMR in metabolome studies.

KAUST scientists Dr. Intikhab Alam and Dr. Roberto Incitti use stem cells to show how monkeypox virus infects human skin.

The laboratory of Professor Daniele Daffonchio has found that enzyme adaptation drives the response by marine microbiomes to thermal changes in their environment.

KAUST researchers describe how air cavities form at around buoyant objects at the air-water interface, with implications on the design of marine vehicles.