KAUST Ph.D. student wins poster award at the European Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

KAUST Ph.D. student Sheikha Alardhi won a poster award at the 2017 Spring Meeting and Exhibit of the European Materials Research Society. Photo by Meres J. Weche.

Sheikha Alardhi, a Ph.D. student in chemical science and KAUST master's degree graduate (M.S. '12) working under the supervision of Professor Luigi Cavallo, won the sustainable energy and fuels poster award at the 2017 Spring Meeting and Exhibit of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) that took place in Strasbourg, France, from May 22 to 26 this year.

Lardhi's poster entitled "Ab initio Assessment of Bi1-xRExCuOS (RE=La, Gd, Y, Lu) Solid Solution for Water Splitting" came in first place among all 77 student and postdoctoral fellow posters submitted for consideration.

"I didn't expect that I would win, and the jury spent four hours interviewing the participants and in detailed discussion," Alardhi said. "When they announced my name, I was stunned. I was happy and proud to represent KAUST at such a big conference."

"The University provides us with the resources and skills to be good scientists," she continued. "I would never meet the same amount of experienced international scientists and professors in one place somewhere else. KAUST also gives us opportunities to present our work at important conferences and the chance to build collaborations and network with people from academia and industry worldwide."

- By Caitlin Clark, KAUST News