Alumni Focus: Samah Mohamed, Ph.D. 2018 - chemical engineering

KAUST alumna Dr. Samah Mohamed (Ph.D. '18, chemical engineering) photographed on KAUST campus. File photo.

Samah Mohamed obtained her Ph.D. in chemical engineering (specializing in the field of combustion) from KAUST in 2018. Her ambition for higher education led her to travel the world in search of new opportunities. Scientific research and teaching are her greatest passions, so she has always sought to seize any opportunity available to her.

In 2009, Mohamed graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Khartoum in Sudan. She went on to work as a teaching assistant for two years there, but her journey did not stop in Sudan. In 2011, she decided to enroll in postgraduate studies for her master's degree at the University of Nottingham in the U.K. In 2014, Mohamed joined KAUST.

"I chose KAUST because I wanted to specialize in engineering thermodynamics and chemical reactions and their applications. I found these specializations available at the University's Clean Combustion Research Center, where I was able to conduct research towards maintaining a clean, non-polluted environment," Mohamed said.

She noted that KAUST creates the right environment for students to achieve their academic objectives, as the University provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice their skills with distinguished experts and professors. Students and researchers at KAUST also publish their work in prestigious scientific journals that specialize in combustion and physical chemistry.

During her four years on the University's campus, Mohamed said she had experiences and challenges that helped build and develop her character—both academically and personally.

Mohamed advised fellow students to "take advantage of all the University has to offer in terms of scientific resources and human development opportunities, and always be prepared and ready to take on challenges during your university years. Good planning for the future is very important, as is selecting the field of research that best serves your future and professional plans."

"I want to make the best of the skills and experience I learned during my four years at KAUST. I plan to stay in academia and scientific research to continue conducting research in my field. I also plan to go back to my first passion, teaching," she added.

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