Alumni Focus: Dinorath Olvera Ramos - M.S. 2011 Chemical and Biological Engineering

Dinorath Olvera Ramos - M.S. 2011 Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Dinorath Olvera Ramos - MS '11 in Chemical and Biological Engineering, PSE

-By David Murphy, KAUST News.

Dinorath Olvera Ramos describes her time at KAUST as enlightening and enriching, both academically and professionally.

"KAUST opened my vision to many unknown possibilities and enlightened me in science," she said.

Olvera Ramos graduated from KAUST with a master's degree in chemical and biological engineering in 2011 and is currently completing her Ph.D. at the Centre for Bioengineering at Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests are in developing biomaterials and functional approaches to regenerate tissues, and she is currently looking for a postdoctoral position in tissue engineering.

Prior to KAUST, Olvera Ramos studied at the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) in Mexico, where she completed her bachelor's degree in industrial engineering. She said that the research program offered at KAUST coupled with the University's unique location and the promise of cutting-edge facilities was extremely appealing for her.

"I was excited by the Core Labs facilities and by the ease of access and communication among the laboratories. I was enlightened and inspired by my colleagues and other students in KAUST who are truly talented people," she noted. "The friends I made during my time in KAUST are undoubtedly among the best friends I have. Enrichment came from the people I worked with and befriended."

Olvera Ramos also spoke at the 2017 Winter Enrichment Program Alumni Lecture Series, and feels that the best advice for current students is to "talk about your research with your work colleagues and to the broader KAUST community. The beauty of it is that the community is relatively small, so chances are you will expand your academic network very fast and find help when you need it," she noted.

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