Alumni Focus: Albara Alauhali

KAUST alumnus Albara Alauhali (M.S. '11) is currently the executive advisor and director of strategic projects at the National Identity Enhancement Program. Image courtesy of Albara Alauhali.

-By Abdullah Alhamdan, KAUST News

KAUST alumnus Albara Bin Mousaed Alauhali is currently the executive advisor and director of strategic projects at the National Identity Enhancement Program, a program aimed at achieving Saudi Vision 2030.

Alauhali graduated from KAUST in December 2011 with a master's degree in computer science with a specialization in theoretical computing and algorithms. He received his undergraduate degree with first-class honors in computer science from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

After beginning his career in cyber security, Alauhali then moved on to become enrichment program supervisor at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. Later he became an advisor at the Ministry of Economy and Planning. He has also been active in the social and cultural arena and has authored and published numerous articles in newspapers and in the media.

KAUST alumnus Albara Alauhali worked at Saudi Aramco's King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran (pictured here) as enrichment program supervisor. Photo by Caitlin Clark.

Alauhali noted his time at KAUST was the golden era of his life, and he believes it shaped the person he is today. The stimulating and inspiring environment at KAUST left a positive impact on his character, while the diversity of students studying at the University meant he learned much about the different cultures and nationalities around him. He added that this is what made university life at KAUST a unique experience.

"I chose KAUST because I saw it—and still see it—as the dream that will elevate the Kingdom's status in the scientific and technical arena worldwide," Alauhali said. "Studying at KAUST led to qualitative leaps in my career and opened up future horizons and opportunities on both the professional and academic levels. I chose the professional field because of the many opportunities available to me in this land of opportunities."

Alauhali's advice to current students at KAUST is to make the most of the resources and the rich diversity available to them. He feels that interaction with the exceptional minds on campus offers great opportunities for progress towards wider horizons of knowledge and personal development.

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