Algae — a metabolic treasure trove

​Algae are a metabolic treasure trove. The ancient hybrid organisms, which come in various forms of seaweed and microalgae, bring incredible potential to source different products for high-value applications across multiple technology realms, including animal feed, crop fertilizers, carbon reuse, waste remediation, packaging plastics and medicines. 

Episode 22 of Sciencetown features two algal experts at KAUST in conversation about their projects. Claudio Grunewald directs the Development of Algal Biotechnology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project, a pilot infrastructure for benchmarking and producing high-protein algae for agriculture at scales to feed animals such as fish and poultry. Dr. Kyle Lauersen is an assistant professor in the Biological and Science Engineering Division, bringing expertise in algal synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.

Listen to the episode and learn why an investment in algae could yield big returns for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (~ 40 minutes):