Quinoa-quest to feed the world

Quinoa could hold the key to feeding the world's growing population because it can thrive in harsh environments like in the heat in Saudi Arabia and grows well on poor-quality, marginal land.

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A bright future for sustainable agriculture

Passionate plant scientist Mark Tester conducts ground-breaking research into plants that could one day help feed the world.

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The sky's the limit for FalconViz

FalconViz, one of the University's homegrown startups, has recently been included in the prestigious Forbes Middle East "Top 100 Startups In The Arab World 2017" list.

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MOFs provide a better way to remove water from gas

A breakthrough in generating water-stable metal-organic frameworks allows efficient removal of water from gases.

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High-sensitivity cameras reveal the atomic structure of metal-organic frameworks

A method for fine-scale imaging of a class of materials that is useful for gas storage and separation is needed.

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Sadeem: Flood mitigation around the world

In 2011, three KAUST Ph.D. students Mustafa Mousa, Esteban Canepa and Ahmad Dehwah began working together in the research group of former KAUST Assistant Professor Christian Claudel on an ambitious project involving sensors for smart cities.

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Facing change through innovation at the 8th annual KIAB meeting

The KAUST Industry Advisory Board (KIAB) meeting, an annual signature meeting that puts the University’s research, education and economic development..

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Innovating for the Kingdom’s future

KAUST hosted the Innovation to Impact Roundtable, bringing together a cross section of academics and industry leaders from the United States and Saudi Arabia.

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