Developing gifted Saudi students

KAUST hosted 43 gifted 11th grade students from across Saudi Arabia as part of the University's seventh annual Saudi Research Science Institute (SRSI)

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Thuwal students experience science at KAUST

KAUST hosted a group of 19 female students and teachers from the Thuwal intermediate school as part of its Young Learners Development Program

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Helping young students grow

In September, KAUST Social Responsibility launched the Sixth Annual Back to School Campaign to support 700 students in the University's neighboring villages of Thuwal and Qadimah

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Giving back to celebrate Eid

Students from the KAUST School volunteer their time to assemble gift boxes for families in Thuwal as part of the Sharing is Caring campaign.

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Football Fixtures Between Thuwal & TKS

Football teams from The KAUST School and Thuwal have been getting together for a series of regular football matches and practice sessions over the last month.

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Thuwal Students Explore the Mangroves

As part of Social Responsility’s Young Learners’ Development Program, KAUST hosted two Mangrove Walkabouts with students from Thuwal Boys’ and Girls’ Schools

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