COVID-19 statement

March 9

Dear KAUST community,

I wanted to take this opportunity to speak to everyone directly about the status of COVID-19 and how we are working to keep you safe and informed about it.

I want to emphasize that there are no cases currently on campus and we are working hard for that to continue to be the case. I also want to assure you that we have been working for some time to develop all necessary contingencies to manage the current situation.

To date, the University has benefitted from the tireless work of the Coronavirus Taskforce, chaired by KAUST Health Director Daniel Buttigieg, and whose membership includes domain experts, faculty and students.

Henceforth, the Coronavirus Taskforce will work in tandem with a newly formed Coronavirus Crisis Management Team (CCMT) made up of members of KAUST leadership under my chairmanship. The CCMT is meeting regularly to proactively appraise the situation, and set strategy and necessary policies that strike a balance between protecting the community and minimizing disruption.

In the meantime, each one of us should pay attention to the available advice relating to personal hygiene, social distancing, etc.

For more information, visit the KAUST Health website as well as the KSA Ministry of Health info page.

I am optimistic and hopeful that the campus and the community will come through this challenge and wish to thank you for all your support and cooperation.

Tony F. Chan
KAUST President