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​The Marketing Communications team at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is here to assist local, national and international media organizations by:

  • Providing background on research and general facts about KAUST
  • Developing briefs related to our research areas—food, water, energy and the environment
  • Facilitating interviews with faculty, researchers and staff


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), established in 2009, is an international graduate research university dedicated to advancing science and technology through interdisciplinary research, education and innovation.

Located on the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, KAUST seeks to advance scientific research and collaboration, transcending disciplines and boundaries for the benefit of science. Breakthrough research is conducted to address grand challenges of global significance, in the areas of water, food, energy and the environment.

KAUST is a private university committed to the highest standards of research and academic excellence; attracting and developing top global talents based on merit; and fostering a spirit of enterprise encompassing innovation and opportunity to catalyze the Kingdom’s economic development.

KAUST Quick Facts

Three Divisions
Student Population as of 2015
Total enrolled students: 901
M.S. students: 175
Ph.D. Students: 621
*M.S./Ph.D.: 105
*Students currently in the M.S. program but who plan to continue for a Ph.D. at KAUST

Male students: 572
Female students: 329
Total nations represented: 67
Number of Saudi students: 268

Eleven Research Centers

Core Labs

The Core Laboratories are a prominent feature of the KAUST interdisciplinary research ecosystem, with over 135 staff, scientists, engineers, technical specialists and administrative support. The Core Labs are eight laboratories organized around one central mission—to provide state-of-the-art facilities, training and service to KAUST faculty, students, researchers and industrial partners.

Director of Core Labs & Major Facilities – Dr. Justin Lee Mynar

If you are part of a news organization and need assistance, please contact the appropriate media relations representative listed below.

Michelle D'Antoni
Senior Advisor for Research and Innovation Marketing
Phone: +966 (12) 808-3178

Salah Sindi
Senior In-Kingdom Media Advisor
Phone: +966 (12) 808-3221