King Abdullah University of Science and Technology aspires to be a leader among the top tier higher education institutions and communities in environmental protection and sustainability. 

The University aims to be a global contributor to the teaching and research that enhance the global environment through its interdisciplinary research centers and academic disciplines. KAUST also believes its operations and new developments should be a model of global environmental responsibility. 

Guiding Principles 

KAUST will strive to continually advance its environmental commitment by: 
  1. Considering the environmental impact in teaching, research, procurement, planning and construction.
  2. Eliminating or minimizing the adverse environmental impact of our operations. This includes, but is not limited to: encouraging natural resources conservation, use of renewable energy, clean processes and sustainable material.
  3. Establishing environmental performance indicators and a monitoring system.
  4. Protecting the precious marine environment surrounding the University.
  5. Facilitating environmental collaboration between academic and administration departments.
  6. Making the KAUST community a “living laboratory” of environmental well-being and inquiry.
  7. Actively encouraging the University’s environmental public service within the surrounding local communities and the Kingdom at large.
  8. Communicating personal responsibility for environmental matters.
  9. Complying with applicable environmental regulations.