The CFHRO is responsible for the supervision and control of the financial affairs of the University, including tax matters.

The Tax Manager, reporting to the Director of Finance has day-to day authority to manage the tax affairs of the University, supported by a small dedicated tax team. 

The Tax Manager with the support of the Director of Finance ensures that the team:

  • Is comprised of appropriately qualified and experienced personnel and is suitably resourced.
  • Is committed to ongoing continuing professional development.
  • Proactively acts as business partner to academic and non-academic departments across the University to provide timely advice and guidance as required to ensure compliance and to identify opportunities.
  • Provides regular internal training and reference material to staff to highlight tax issues and treatments particular to the University's business, together with changes in legislation.
  • Seeks professional advice from appropriate external advisors where the tax treatment of a specific transaction is uncertain, requires external consideration or confirmation, or requires specialist knowledge.
  • Has appropriate internal processes and controls in place across the University with the aim of ensuring accurate and complete tax and financial records.