Sulaiman M. Al-Thunayan

Vice President of Government Affairs

Mr. Sulaiman Al-Thunayan joined KAUST in 2008 with the Government Affairs department. He has brought with him extensive experience in operational leadership, resource utilization and organizational development in distinguished government organizations.

After completing his bachelor's degree at King Saud University in Riyadh, Mr. Al-Thunayan started his career with Saudi Arabia Standard Organization as a Director General of Public Relations and Publicity.

KAUST Security are an integral part of the department of Government Affairs. With over 300 staff, the Security team have a strong vision and strategy that is constantly reviewed and audited to ensure KAUST provides the latest security systems and technologies. Mr. Al-Thunayan's major achievements during his 15 years at KAUST include developing unique and exceptional services to the KAUST community; creating and nurturing symbiotic relationships with government entities to enable the perfect environment for KAUST's scientists to thrive; facilitating the late King Abdullah's ultimate vision and mission for KAUST to "serve the people of the Kingdom and the world".

Mr. Al-Thunayan represents KAUST as:

  • Vice President, Government Affairs
  • Member of the Senior Leadership Team
  • Executive Manager, KAUST Management Services Co. (KMSC)
  • Executive Manager, KAUST Investment Co. (KIC)
  • Executive Manager, KAUST Beacon Ventures Co

Mr. Sulaiman is also involved with external committees:

  • Co-Founder of multiple startup technology companies
  • Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Board, The Supreme Council for the Arab African Economy
  • Global Ambassador, Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club