Amr Atiah

Vice President of Community Life

Amr Atiah was appointed as Vice President for Campus and Community in June 2024. The Vice President for Campus and Community plays a crucial role that intersects with many stakeholders within the KAUST campus and community.

Amr joined KAUST in 2012 as the Commissioning Lead in Facilities Management, and later in 2018 he was appointed as the Director of Facilities Management at KAUST. Amr also served as the Director of Special Projects with the KAUST Coral Restoration Initiative (KCRI), under the National Transformation Institute (NTI). His role involved driving the planning, design and construction of the world’s largest coral nursery at NEOM as part of the KCRI.

Amr has a wealth of exceptional leadership experience in managing and maintaining the KAUST campus and community facilities, including labs, residential properties, retail shops, schools, recreational facilities, medical centers, roads and infrastructure. He is also on the membership board of the KAUST startup Talon Dust.

Prior to joining KAUST, Amr spent over ten years working in various roles with Aramco at RasTanura Refinery and in Houston, Texas, USA. He holds an MBA in Leadership Studies from Baker College, USA and the BSc in Electrical/Computer Engineering, Louisiana State University, USA.