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Human saliva powers microbial fuel cell

Researchers were surprised to discover that the use of saliva could generate a large amount of power. READ MORE

Chem lab recycles idea into recyclable plastics

Dr. Khashab explains how working with industry helped transform an idea into something useful for an entirely different application.READ MORE

KGSP students conduct inspiring summer research

Gifted students conducting research this summer had an unparalleled opportunity for academic growth. READ MORE

More plasticp than expected in the ocean

The world's oceans are not as beautiful, nor as clean as they once were. Prof. Xabier Irigoien discusses his team's recent findings. READ MORE

Landmark preserved using KAUST 3D mapping

Researchers from KAUST help make the argument for a UNESCO cultural heritage site in Jeddah using 3D mapping. READ MORE

Imagine a city that thinks about your safety

The scientists and technology experts at KAUST have been working on a number of smart solutions to help deal with issues like traffic congestion. READ MORE

The art of translating science into business

Prof. Karl Leo, SPERC Director, speaks about wearing both hats of scientist and entrepreneur

New Students: Apply now for Spring and Fall 2015

We are accepting Ph.D. applications for Spring 2015 and M.S. & Ph.D. applications for Fall 2015. APPLY NOW

Size matters in quantum dot solar cells

QD solar cells are emerging as promising low-cost alternatives to existing photovoltaic technologies. Prof. Mohammed explains why. Read More. READ MORE

Devil ray research shows they are deep divers

A new study reveals Chilean devil rays are actually among the deepest-diving and fastest-diving ocean animals. READ MORE

Using science to feed 3 billion people

TKAUST to host international conference on improving abiotic stress tolerance levels in extreme environments. READ MORE