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Pushing limits under water

Champion freediver Guillaume Néry shares his journey of self-discovery. READ MORE

Growing on Salty Soils

KAUST Center for Desert Agriculture leads research to improve crop yields from desert soils. READ MORE

Building a strong research team in SPERC

KAUST attracted Prof. Bredas for a number of reasons, but one of the most important was the flexibility of the University's system. READ MORE

VIDEO: A day in the life of Abeer Al-Saggaf

Abeer Al-Saggaf, a M.S. student in Electrical Engineering, talks about what life is like at KAUST

Pres. Chameau discusses early successes of KAUST

KAUST President Jean-Lou Chameau addresses leading universities at the inaugural Times Higher Education MENA Universities Summit

SRSI prepares for 5th summer program

Top Saudi high school students have the chance to conduct university-level research under the mentorship of KAUST faculty.

Catalysis Conference fosters collaboration

The KAUST Catalysis Center hosted Catalytic Carbon and Hydrogen Management on the University's campus on February 1-4.

Lights up for chaotic storage

Assistant Professor Andrea Fratalocchi explains how controlling chaos may be the key to increasing storage capacity and improving the future of alternative energy

Red Sea Whirlpools

First-time reports by Ibrahim Hoteit and team show that eddies they are frequent and seasonal in the Red Sea.READ MORE

Molecular Mechanism Movie

Samir Hamdan and his team use special imaging techniques to study important enzymes in DNA repair and replication READ MORE

Applications for Fall 2015 under review

Applications for Fall 2015 are currently being reviewed and will be accepted through to February 14th.