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Center for Desert Agriculture director appointed

Professor Heribert Hirt, formerly Associate Director of the Center for Desert Agriculture, has been appointed Director of the center. READ MORE

Announcing Enrichment in the Fall

Enrichment in the Fall will entertain and educate you with keynote lectures, films, workshops, concerts, and artworks. READ MORE

Smart sensors for better and safer living

In the smart cities of the future, electronic devices and objects will be "smart," with objects containing sensors that communicate with each other.READ MORE

Developing models to predict extreme events

Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit discusses the development of atmosphere and ocean current models for the Red Sea. READ MORE

NOMADD sets sights on solar energy future

The NOMADD desert solution offers an inventive technology for the solar energy industry READ MORE

Boeing opens R&D office at KAUST

Highly connected polynuclear clusters used as MBBs in the synthesis of MOFs are discovered and isolated by researchers. READ MORE

Agricultural sustainability through seawater

Professor Mark Tester discusses plant salinity experiments in the KAUST greenhouse. READ MORE

New reactor will expand research capabilities

Prof. Pedro Da Costa is excited about the recent acquisition of what he calls "a unique piece of kit" that will expand the University's research capabilities. READ MORE

Synthesized metal-organic framework removes CO2

Researchers showfor the first time that MOF crystal chemistry permits the assembly of a new isostructural hexafluorosilicate MOF.

New Students: Apply now for Spring and Fall 2015

We are accepting Ph.D. applications for Spring 2015 and M.S. & Ph.D. applications for Fall 2015. APPLY NOW