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Apply for Spring 2016 by October 8, 2015

Now accepting Ph.D. and M.S./Ph.D. applications for Spring 2016. Apply by October 8th.

Applying to KAUST

We are now accepting all program applications for Fall 2016, Apply now!

Dean Magistretti honored by IPSEN

Dr. Pierre Magistretti recognized for contributions to the field of neuroenergetics. READ MORE

What humans can learn from marine animals

Prof. Duarte and M-L Boulot discuss FEP and the Marine Megafauna Workshop. READ MORE

Faculty Focus: Prof. J. Carlos Santamarina

KAUST’s Professor J. Carlos Santamarina discusses how he choose KAUST, his research and his hopes for the future of geo-engineering. READ MORE

A Culture of Collaboration to Bolster Innovation

The Industry Engagement Office (IEO) acts as the industry’s gateway to KAUST. READ MORE

WEP 2016: Enter Research Poster Competition

International undergraduates are invited to submit work for 5th Research Poster Competition. Submission deadline is October 16, 2015. READ MORE

The Salt Lab at the Center for Desert Agriculture

Increasing Salinity Tolerance of Existing Crops in Poor Soil Conditions. WATCH VIDEO

Balloon-borne surveys of the atmosphere

KAUST collaborates with NASA’s Langley Research Center to launch six weather balloons. READ MORE

A model anemone

Genetic traits of an anemone that hosts algae could be used to understand and preserve coral reef ecosystems. READ MORE

Giving drones a lift

Fluid dynamics reveals that added air jets help smooth turbulence for micro-aircraft READ MORE