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Applying to KAUST

Now accepting all program applications for Fall 2016 through to February 12, 2016

KAUST leads the way in uncertainty quantification

Fourth annual event brings together experts in state-of-the-art methods used to quantify uncertainties. READ MORE

2016 Science Fair a 'big bang'

Students, faculty and community members visited the annual Science Fair along the Discovery Walk. READ MORE

Research team opens possibilities for ‘developable’ surfaces

Professor Pottmann and his team create a breakthrough computational tool. READ MORE

Students build and race robots

Project-based workshop provides hands-on experience designing, building and programming robotic systems READ MORE

Carlos Duarte's Eelgrass research published in Nature

Large collaborative study reveals how the seagrass adapted to life in the ocean. READ MORE

Kip Thorne and the science of 'Interstellar'

World-renowned astrophysicist and theoretical physicist speaks about his role as the lead scientific advisor for the 2014 Hollywood blockbuster. READ MORE

Successful women in science and engineering

WEP event brings academics together for a discussion on success in science.READ MORE

New lessons for an old magnet

The surface structure of magnetite is crucial to its performance in magnetism-based electronic applications . READ MORE

A keynote to remember from H.E. Abdullatif Al-Othman

Governor of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority opens WEP 2016. READ MORE

Clear detection of ultraviolet light

Transparent crystals that grow from heated solutions offer an improved material for detecting ultraviolet light. READ MORE

Aesthetic patterns for freeform architecture

Architects now have access to a computational method for generating aesthetic patterns of planar polygons for freeform surfaces. READ MORE

VIDEO: Take a tour of our three divisions

The divisions support the University's research mission by bringing together faculty members, researchers and graduate students from across the disciplines READ MORE