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Human saliva powers microbial fuel cell

Researchers were surprised to discover that the use of saliva could generate a large amount of power. READ MORE

Promising results in Li Ion battery anode research

Recent research at KAUST has produced a promising Li ion battery anode using tin oxide.READ MORE

Bill Gates visits KAUST

KAUST and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are exploring ways to work together on using science to curb developing world challenges APPLY NOW

New Students: Apply now for Spring and Fall 2015

We are accepting Ph.D. applications for Spring 2015 and M.S. & Ph.D. applications for Fall 2015. APPLY NOW

Size matters in quantum dot solar cells

QD solar cells are emerging as promising low-cost alternatives to existing photovoltaic technologies. Prof. Mohammed explains why. Read More. READ MORE

Devil ray research shows they are deep divers

A new study reveals Chilean devil rays are actually among the deepest-diving and fastest-diving ocean animals. READ MORE

Hybrid desalination pilot plant being built

A new hybrid desalination pilot plant is in the process of being built at KAUST on top of the current adsorption desalination (AD) plant. READ MORE

Diversity helps team discover new particles

Seeing things from a new perspective helped Prof. Peinemann's team discover a simple self-assembly structure useful in multiple applications. READ MORE

New research in production of faster plastic electronics

A team of KAUST and international scientists has developed a crystallization process of organic molecules that has wide-ranging applications various industries.

KAUST celebrates faculty achievements

The 2014 Faculty Recognition Dinner welcomed new faculty members to KAUST and announced recent promotions. READ MORE

Nature inspires advances in silicon electronics

KAUST scientists observe the human brain to design the next generation of silicon electronics READ MORE