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Applying to KAUST

Now accepting Ph.D. and M.S./Ph.D. applications for Spring 2016.

Teaching computers how to see the world

Prof. Bernard Ghanem discusses the role of computer vision in current and future technology. READ MORE

Better Graphene Absorbers

Increased bandwidth absorption improves graphene for many applications. READ MORE

First KAUST Coral: C. kausti

Michael Berumen and PhD Jessica Bouwmeester discover a new species of coral. READ MORE

Young KAUST scientists to meet Nobel Laureates

Three promising KAUST researchers have been selected to attend the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany. READ MORE

Innovation & Economic Development at KAUST

Creating an innovation ecosystem in the region and transforming the Kingdom to a knowledge-based economy. WATCH VIDEO

Supporting Solar Startups

QD Solar is an international collaboration and blossoming startup company. READ MORE

KAUST glides into the future of oceanography

How through autonomous gliders researchers at KAUST are gaining a greater understanding of the inner workings of the Red Sea. READ MORE

How KAUST is enabling in-Kingdom entrepreneurs

How the new Innovation Fund is supporting KAUST's pipeline of technology-based startup projects and companies. READ MORE

From ideas to impact: Office of Sponsored Research

Interview with Dr. Teofilo A. Abrajano Jr., Director of KAUST's new Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). . READ MORE

Installation of the Shaheen Cray XC40

Watch the installation of KAUST's new supercomputer, the Shaheen Cray XC40. WATCH VIDEO