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Transformation to a Knowledge Economy

Innovation and Economic Development’s mission is to ensure that knowledge and technologies created at KAUST are effectively transferred from the laboratory to the market to achieve the widest public benefit, to promote economic development in the Kingdom and to raise the visibility of KAUST research and innovation. We fulfill our mission by collaborating with industry, proactively pursuing intellectual property protection and commercialization, enabling spinouts and promoting entrepreneurship. The KAUST Research & Technology Park provides the physical infrastructure for startups and major industrial tenants who are building research and development centers at KAUST.

Facilitating Industry Partnerships

Industry Engagement Office

KAUST was founded with industry collaboration in mind. Our Industry Engagement Office is a gateway to that collaboration, and the University's integrative industry interaction unit.

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Industry Partnerships

Locating Partners on Campus

Research & Technology Park

Destined to be a premier Research Park in the Middle East, the KAUST Research & Technology Park is located next to the KAUST Campus. Its key role is to promote KAUST's mission of economic development, technology transfer and the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities within Saudi Arabia. The Research & Technology Park is part of a comprehensive innovation network linked to technology creation, business formation and development assistance with established technology firms and the marketplace.

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Partners on Campus

About Innovation and Economic Development

Innovation and Economic Development

Innovation and Economic Development helps maximize KAUST’s contribution to the economic diversification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its transformation to a knowledge-based economy.

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About Innovation

& Economic Development

Commercializing Technologies

Technology Transfer Office

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) manages, protects and commercializes KAUST's intellectual property, leading to licenses, new products and companies in the Kingdom and beyond.

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Nurturing Entrepreneurs

New Ventures

Through the New Ventures program, KAUST facilitates the flow of research-based technological innovation from idea and discovery to market.

Innovation needs more than a good idea to flourish; it requires a supportive environment and infrastructure to thrive. Access to capital, entrepreneurial coaching, and advisory services are just part of what sets KAUST New Ventures & Entrepreneurship apart.

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Our goal is to help contribute to the transformation of Saudi Arabia to a knowledge-based economy. Email us to learn more about our programs.

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