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Helmut Pottmann

  • Ph.D. Vienna University of Technology, 1983
  • M.S. Vienna University of Technology, 1982
  • Student of Mathematics, Vienna University of Technology, 1977–1983

Other Program Affiliations

Research Interests

Professor Pottmann's research interests are in applied geometry and visual computing, in particular computer-aided design, geometric modeling, geometry processing, geometric computing for manufacturing, robot kinematics, computer vision and visualization. His most recent work concentrates on the solution of problems that arise in the construction of freeform structures in contemporary architecture and on closely related topics in discrete and computational differential geometry.

Selected Publications

  • C. Tang, X. Sun, A. Gomes, H. Pottmann, and J. Wallner. Form-finding with polyhedral meshes made simple. ACM Trans. Graphics, 33/4, 2014. Proc. SIGGRAPH.
  • E. Vouga, M. Höbinger, J. Wallner, and H. Pottmann. Design of self-supporting surfaces. ACM Trans. Graphics, 31/4, 2012. Proc. SIGGRAPH.
  • Y. Yang, Y. Yang, H. Pottmann, and N. Mitra. Shape space exploration of constrained meshes. ACM Trans. Graphics, 30/6, 2011. Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia.
  • Alexander I. Bobenko, H. Pottmann, and J. Wallner, "A curvature theory for discrete surfaces based on mesh parallelity, Mathematische Annalen, 2010.
  • Michael Eigensatz, Martin Kilian, Alexander Schiftner, Niloy J. Mitra, Helmut Pottmann, Mark Pauly, "Paneling architectural freeform surfaces", ACM Trans. Graphics, 29/4, 2010. Proc. SIGGRAPH.