Introducing Faculty in Focus - Spring 2022

Meet the pioneering faculty tackling global challenges at KAUST

Faculty in Focus:

Raquel Peixoto

" I can't explain that because I think I was born a scientist, I always wanted to be a scientist."


Raquel Peixoto is an associate professor of marine science at KAUST's Red Sea Research Center.

Faculty in Focus:

Matteo Parsani

"…you realize that KAUST has been able to attract very bright people with good ideas."


Matteo Parsani is an assistant professor of applied mathematics and computational science at at KAUST.

Faculty in Focus:

Derya Baran

"…this is a place, as a scientist, you would find everything in your dreams and maybe even beyond."


Derya Baran is an associate professor and chief engineer of KAUST born startup Red Sea Farms.

Faculty in Focus:

Bernard Ghanem

" AI is a very exciting field... It is not the future anymore. It is the present. It can have direct massive impact on our human lives."


Bernard Ghanem is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and deputy director of the KAUST AI Initiative.

Faculty in Focus:

Carlos Santamarina

" I do love what I do! Being with the younger generations, working together… It's what gets me out of bed every day."


Carlos Santamarina is professor of energy resources and petroleum engineering and

associate director of the Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center.

Faculty in Focus:

Monika Chodasiewicz

" We need more food, but we also need more reasonable ways to produce food."


Monika Chodasiewicz is an assistant professor of plant science at the Center for Desert Agriculture.

Faculty in Focus:

Suzana Nunes

" To have the chance of having impact, a positive impact in people …that's the main motivation."


Suzana Nunes is professor of chemical and environmental science and engineering and is

Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Faculty in Focus:

Stefan Arold

" My research interest is in understanding the molecular building blocks of life."


Stefan Arold is a professor of bioscience and the associate dean of the Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division.