Economic Development
Vision and Mission

About Economic Development

Economic Development's mission is to contribute to the transformation of Saudi Arabia to a knowledge-based economy.

KAUST Industry Collaboration Program (KICP)

KAUST Industry Collaboration Program

KICP is a membership program and a gateway into KAUST. It creates, facilitates and leverages industry partnerships to foster innovation in science and technology and generate economic value.

Research Park

Research Park

The KAUST Research Park provides an environment where technology-based businesses can collaborate on research and development with Faculty and our students.

Innovation Cluster

Innovation Cluster

The Innovation Cluster is a 140,000 square feet facility built to provide laboratory and office space for technology companies.

Techology Transfer and Innovation (TTI)

Technology Transfer and Innovation

Discover more about KAUST technologies, licensing opportunities and our commercialization process.

Seed Fund

New Ventures and Entrepreneurship

Through the New Ventures program, KAUST facilitates the flow of research-based technological innovation from idea and discovery to market.

Entrepreneurial Resources

Technology Application and Advancement Group

Providing advanced technical training and solution consulting to Saudi industry, with a focus on engineering and business development services in aid of clean technology development in kingdom.