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4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Thuwal 23955-6900
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

David E. Keyes

Named Professor, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Harvard University, 1984

M.S. Applied Mathematics, Harvard University, 1979

B.S. Engineering, Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences, Summa Cum Laude, Princeton University, 1978

Certificate, Program in Engineering Physics, Princeton University, 1978

Research Interests

Professor Keyes works at the algorithmic interface between parallel computing and the numerical analysis of partial differential equations, across the spectrum of disciplines required in the computation of aerodynamic, geophysical, and chemically reacting flows: modeling the physical processes, designing and analyzing iterative algorithms, and implementing them on advanced parallel computer hardware.

Selected Publications

  • D.E. Keyes. "Partial differential equation-based applications and solver algorithms at extreme scale", Int. J High Perf. Comput. Applics. 23:366-368, 2009.
  • A. Kritz and D.E. Keyes. "Fusion Simulation Project Workshop Report", J. Fusion Energy 28:1-59, 2009.
  • Y. He and D.E. Keyes. "Reconstructing parameters of the Fitzhugh-Nagumo system from boundary potential measurements", J. Comput. Neurosciences 23:251-264, 2007.
  • D.E. Keyes, D.R. Reynolds and C.S. Woodward. "Implicit solvers for large-scale nonlinear problems", J.Phys.: Conf. Ser. 193:357-397, 2006.
  • D.A. Knoll & D.E. Keyes. "Jacobian-Free Newton-Krylov methods: A survey of approaches and applications", J.Comput. Phys., 193:357-397, 2004.