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4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Thuwal 23955-6900
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Michael L. Berumen

Assistant Professor, Marine Science

Red Sea Research Center

Ph.D. Marine Biology, James Cook University, Australia, 2007

B.S. (summa cum laude), Zoology, University of Arkansas, 2001

Research Interests

  • Life history studies of reef fishes
  • Feeding and nutritional ecology of corallivores
  • Larval connectivity and dispersal of reef fishes
  • Movement ecology of reef fishes and sharks
  • Population ecology and biology of Red Sea sharks
  • Evolutionary biology of Red Sea fishes
  • Ecology and population dynamics of coral communities

Selected Publications

  • Berumen M., Walsh H., Raventos N., Planes S., Jones G., Starczak V., and S. R. Thorrold. "Otolith geochemistry does not reflect dispersal history of clownfish larvae". Coral Reefs, 2010.
  • Wilson S., Adjeroud M., Bellwood D., Berumen M., Booth D., Marie Bozec Y., Chabanet P., Cheal A., Cinner J., Depczynski M., Feary D., Gagliano M., Graham N., Halford A., Halpern B., Harborne A., Hoey A., Holbrook S., Jones G., Kulbicki M., Letourneur Y., De Loma T., McClanahan T., McCormick M., Meekan M., Mumby P., Munday P., Ohman M., Pratchett M., Riegl B., Sano M., Schmitt R., C Syms. "Crucial knowledge gaps in current understanding of climate change impacts on coral reef fishes". The Journal of Experimental Biology, 2010.
  • McCook L., Almany G., Berumen M., Day J., Green A., Jones G., Leis J., Planes S., Russ G., Sale P., and S. Thorrold. "The challenge of incorporating connectivity science into coral reef". 2010.
  • Munday. P, Leis J., Lough J., Paris C., Kingsford M., Berumen M. and J. Lambrechts. "Climate change and coral reef connectivity". Coral Reefs, 2009.
  • Almany G., Berumen M., Thorrold S., Planes S., and Jones G. "Local replenishment of coral reef fish populations in a marine reserve". Science, 2007.